Car Air-Conditioning Repairs

Car Air Conditioning Repairs in Portsmouth and Southampton

Mobile Brakes and Tyres Limited provides car air conditioning repairs, re-gas and servicing to get your system up to scratch. Did you know that it is recommended by manufacturers to get your car air conditioning system serviced every 2 years? We come across a lot of customers each year that are unaware their air conditioning system needs caring for just like the rest of your car. Getting a regular service ensures that your air conditioning system gets cleaner parts, the lubricants and gas are topped up and the whole system is operational and efficient.

Car air conditioning servicing

Most modern vehicles now come with air conditioning as standard. Without getting an air conditioning service after 2 years, it can mean that your system doesn’t operate at optimum levels. Typically, over the course of the year, your air conditioning gas escapes by about 10%. Regular servicing ensures that your system remains in tip-top condition and keeps you cool when it matters.

The use of your air conditioning

We all love to use our air conditioning during the summer to keep us cool on long, hot car journeys. It ensures that you remain comfortable when driving, which keeps you safe. What some people forget is that their air conditioning actually also helps during the winter too. The refrigerant gas and processes dry out the air in the car, which can help to remove any mist from your windscreen enabling you to see. We all know what it can be like sitting in a cold car, waiting for the windscreen to clear. With an efficient air conditioning system in your car, this can happen a lot quicker.

Problems with your air conditioning

If you experience issues with your air conditioning or you’re noticing funny smells coming through the vents, it could be a sign that you need an air conditioning service or repair. Over time, bacteria and fungi can stick to the insides of the system, if this is not cleaned out it can cause a small and even trigger reactions such as sneezing and coughing. With a service at Mobile Brakes and Tyres Limited we also clean out your system with anti-bacterial treatment to ensure that it has the opportunity to work efficiently. Removing blockages from the system helps prevent further damage later down the line, which can be expensive. Don’t delay getting your air conditioning serviced and cleaned to keep your costs down and your system running efficiently.

Book your air conditioning service online

Just like all our other services, you can book an air conditioning service online. We offer a simple air conditioning recharge to help your car keep a smoothly running system. It helps to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can get your air conditioning serviced at your door step be it at your work or home.

Regular servicing is important for health and to maintain the system working effectively. Up to 15% of the refrigerant gas will be lost annually.