Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop produces one of the most extensive ranges of tyres, and since its highly innovative beginnings, has grown to be one the world’s best-known tyre brands. The brand is once again at the cutting edge of tyre technology and as a result Dunlop tyres are fitted as standard by many of the world’s leading car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Lexus and Honda.

Throughout their history Dunlop tyres have been a pioneer of innovations and today Dunlop tyres are set apart from their competitors by their touch technologies which allow you to get the most out of your driving experience in all weather conditions. Dunlop touch technologies include asymmetric tread design with improved performance in both a straight line and around corners and a flatter tread profile which increases stability and steering precision, excellent cornering stability and precision dry grip. Multi Radius Tread and Multi Blade Systems ensure outstanding dry and wet handling and more control when cornering.

Dunlop now produces a range of tyres to suit all vehicles and budgets, some of the most popular ranges include:

Street Response
  • Economy Range
  • Ideal for urban living
  • Superior dry handling without, compromising on wet performance rolling resistance
Sport Range
  • Delivers top class performance in both the wet and dry
  • Superb braking and acceleration
  • Outstanding high-speed stability
Grand Trek Touring
  • The progressive cornering force with outstanding grip in all road conditions
  • Improved grip and handling
  • Excellent cornering stability
Fast Response
  • A high-performance tyre designed for luxury and mid-range passenger vehicles
  • Outstanding dry and wet handling
  • Increased stability and precision steering

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