Extended Mobility Innovations

For your safety, Continental has developed a selection of innovative extended mobility products to keep you mobile. Continental’s innovative run-flat tyres and ContiSeal tyres are available in a range of sizes.

Continental run-flat tyres feature a reinforced self-supporting sidewall or SSR which prevents the inside of the tyre from getting crushed between the road and the rim. The SSR enables the car to continue on its way at a maximum speed of 50mph for up to 50 miles.

The SSR run-flat tyres offer crucial advantages over ordinary run-flats and ensure that you remain mobile in the event of a flat tyre. They are compatible with standard rims and they save room which reduces weight and in turn reduces fuel consumption.

Continental ContiSeal tyres are designed with an innovative new technology which seals punctures in the tread area of the tyre and keeps them sealed even when the puncturing object becomes dislodged. Further benefits include a reduced requirement of roadside assistance tyres and reduced risk of flat tyres. In addition, the ContiSeal tyre performance is equal to non-Contiseal tyres.

Continental Car Tyre Range

Continental AG has an extensive range of car, 4×4 and van tyres to suit all vehicle makes and models and is proud to offer one of the widest product ranges available – with tyres to meet virtually all requirements; no matter what size, shape or speed capacity.

Conti Sport Contact

The ContiSportContact range is Continental’s high performance range. This high performance tyre gives excellent safety at high speeds, along with excellent handling. Its asymmetric tread pattern design provides shorter braking distances, whilst the unique tread grooves give maximum grip in all conditions.

Conti Eco Contact

The ContiEcoContact tyres are designed for small and compact cars and are the perfect fuel-efficient tyre. With low rolling resistance, the ContiEcoContact gives the reduced fuel consumption and has excellent wear properties to ensure high mileage. The tyres asymmetric tread design ensures shorter braking distances and provides excellent traction on wet and dry roads.

Conti Premium Contact

This tyre range is designed for medium-sized cars and provides all-round comfort and safety. This tyre range provides excellent handling and thanks to the bionic contour design, this range gives outstanding protection against aquaplaning on wet roads and maximum grip in wet and dry conditions.

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