Car Services

Why Does My Car Need a Service?

Most of us know that in addition to an annual MOT, our cars need to undergo a service at least once a year. But what is the difference between a standard (interim) and comprehensive (full) service and why do our cars need them?

Unlike an MOT, car servicing is not a legal requirement, but they are vital to the continual use and health of your car. A service is there to ensure that most of the perishables that are needed to help your car run (oils, filters and fluids) are kept fresh and in good condition, making sure that your car stays healthy and running properly for as long as possible.

A car service is a form of preventative maintenance for your car; annual servicing can help prevent lasting and expensive damage from building up over time. These checks also help to ensure that your car runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, meaning that you aren’t wasting petrol or causing your tyres to wear prematurely.

What our car services include

Mobile Brakes and Tyres Limited provides a choice of standard and comprehensive car services, depending on your car’s usage. In addition to the standard fluid and perishables that you might expect to be changed, our highly skilled technicians carry out a series of additional tests and checks to ensure a lengthy life for your car.

Standard Services

Mobile Brakes and Tyres Limited recommends that a standard service is carried out on your car annually or after 10,000 miles, whichever one comes first. The standard service includes all of the vital checks and services that your car needs to annually, such as oil, clutch fluid and brakes checks.

Comprehensive Service

Annual comprehensive servicing is recommended for high mileage drivers, however comprehensive services are still recommended for low mileage drivers every other year (or 20,000 miles), with a standard service in between to ensure your car keeps running smoothly.

The comprehensive service comprises of 55 main checks, including all of the vital checks and services included under the standard service, as well as replacement of fuel and air filters, a wheel balancing check and up to four standard spark plugs. Long life spark plugs can also be fitted at an additional cost if required.

In addition to the services and checks included in the Standard Service, the Comprehensive service also includes: